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Common FAQs From Buyers

Why Do We Not Give All The Details On Specific Parks For Sale?

We respect the confidentiality of both the seller and the buyer – but also consider that these parks are open to the public, and therefore the revenues depend on perceived stability of the park. In other words, it’s not always best that everyone gets wind of what properties within the hospitality industry are for sale.

Does RV Park Connection also work with franchised parks?

Yes. Franchised brands such as KOA or Jellystone offer certain benefits not found in non-franchised brands. There are both pros and cons to consider, and we can help guide you through them.

Should I Buy An Existing Park or Start From Scratch?

It purely depends on your experience. Started from scratch gives you more flexibility and creativity in choosing locations, etc, but requires much more risk and potential costs in planning, zoning, and development.

Can You Help Me Run & Market My Park After Purchase?

Of course. We specialize in consulting as well. We will help people in various stages of park disposition and operation. We can help you bring your park into the 21st century, cutting costs where possible, streamlining operations, creating incredible digital marketing, and increasing bottom line results. 

Owner, Operator & Seller FAQs

Why Should I work with you?

Are presence is stunning. Our accolades are many, and our affiliations are highly respected (not to toot our own horn – but we’ve earned it, thanks to people just like you). We’re passionate about the industry, and have spent decades cultivating and growing real buyers lists – not just tire kickers. Best of all, we’re committed to presenting your property in the best manner possible.

Can You Help Me Re-position my park?

Yes. We help many an owner re-position their park and bring it into the 21st century. We’ll walk you through all the ins and outs of re-imagining master plan, niche marketing, digital branding, operations streamlining, and automation (who knows… you may decide never to sell your park after we’ve finished!!)

Will I get to work directly with Andrew?

Yes, Andrew Bers will work personally and closely with you in all aspects of your business. He has devoted himself to helping you achieve your RV Park & Campground dreams and desires.

General Inquiries

For further questions please call Andrew at (941) 302-4400. All inquiries please complete & submit the form below.

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